Haley's Bridal Photos!!!

When Haley came to us about doing her wedding she told us she had the perfect place in mind for her Bridao shoot, and boy was she right! We traveled to Wilson NC and started off, we thought, at a gorgeous church. Well.......actually behind the church, on a path, in the woods! When we got back there it was like being in a fairy tale. From there we were on the way downtown, to the Wilson Public Library. This library is like nothing we've ever seen. It looks like some old Hollywood mansion, or old south Plantation house! We are so proud of how her photos turned out, and grateful to Haley for showing us a whole new place to reccomend to our brides in the future! We hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we enjoyed taking them for Haley!!!!

#WilsonNC #WilsonLibrary #Bridal #BridalPortraits

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